Chakra … these “unknown”

First an introduction is in order: according to yoga, living things are made up of a physical body (material) and an energy (invisible) which regulates the mental and spiritual processes. Obviously they are deeply interconnected.
This body “energy” is constituted by its “vital energy” called ” prana ” which flows through the body via channels defined by the name of ” nadi .” There are thousands (something like 72,000), but there are three fondamentai:   Sumshumna, Ida and Pingala.

Sumshumna  is the  nadi  Main; begins its journey at the base of the spine and ends at the top of the head.

Even Ida  and  Pingala  depart from the base of the vertebral column but instead proceed in a straight line, they follow a spiral path, crossing to 6 times before ending in the 6th chakra:  Ajna , also called  third eye . You do not remind you of anything?
The Caduceus! you saw in the pharmacy, ambulance (although here there should be the “Asclepius” with a snake only) and even at the chamber of commerce! Yes, it represents a molteplicià of situations including “pharmaceutical” and “commerce”.

Returning to the Chakra … whenever two or more Nadi meet … give life to a Chakra. In the human body on the spine, we find 7: are the famous seven chakras.

But what are they?
Chakras are energy centers that help to receive and distribute the various types of energy and information from the universe.

You could write much because each Chakra there are a sea of ​​information. Suffice it to say that each one, in addition to having its own function, and represent specific areas of the body, has its own color, its own element, its own sound (mantra), a god, a rock, an animal and a planet.

Obviously here we neither want to be exhaustive on the subject. These pages are designed to provide a minimum of “smattering” generally to a first approach to the topic and especially to explain the reasons why I chose to reproduce an image over another in my works. Just today I started a great job reported to Chakra: I started the construction of seven engraved works, one for each of the 7 main chakras; so it seemed useful to write a few words to create “information” (although minimal) on the subject.

you can follow the progress of work here:



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